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  3. Time-lapse Google Earth GIFs Show Startling Impact of Humans on the Planet

  4. scienceing:

    One half of the humans are female, so one half of the scientists should be female.

    - Bill Nye at the Storytelling of Science at ASU

    Yes, exactly. We need more girls going into science! Now there aren’t many Nobel Prizes being given to women, mostly because society pushed them away from science decades ago. But now that can all be changed, if more girls go into science. 


  5. Jose Canseco’s Twitter Feed Is Hilarious

  6. On this day in science history…

    Dr. Harvey Cushing (1869 – 1939), the first American neurosurgeon, performed his first brain surgery. Known as the “father of modern neurosurgery,” Cushing made wide-ranging and influential contributions to medicine, including his use of X-rays to diagnose brain tumors and his founding of the subdiscipline of endocrinology (the study of hormones and glands)

  8. astronomy-to-zoology:

    A Gladiator Spider (Dinopis sp.) using its web as a net to catch a cricket.

    watch the video here

  9. He is seriously so adorable.

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  11. ikenbot:

    This Day in Astronomy History: Feb. 13, 1633: Church vs. Galileo

    Galileo Galilei, who has run afoul of the church for his theories concerning heliocentrism and for insulting his old friend Pope Urban VIII, arrives in Rome to face an ecclesiastical court on charges of committing heresy.

    Galileo’s long-running feud with the Roman Catholic Church over whether the Earth revolved around the sun (the Copernican view advocated by Galileo) or the sun around the Earth (the Aristotelian view echoed in the scriptures) seemed amicably resolved by 1632. But that was before the publication of Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, a book that the pope had allowed to be published as long as his own views on the subject were included.

    Galileo included them, but inexplicably (for no malicious intent on the part of Galileo has ever been proven) put Urban’s words into the mouth of his character Simplicius, a defender of Aristotelian geocentrism who was often proved wrong and considered something of a fool. This didn’t go down too well in Rome and Galileo was summoned to face the Inquisition.

    He was found guilty and the sentence was severe: He was forced to renounce heliocentrism, Dialogue was banned and Galileo spent the remainder of his life under house arrest. In this last he was lucky: The original sentence called for imprisonment.

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  12. Paper neurons, and oscillating bacterium.

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  13. Dogs may have become man’s best friend thanks, in part, to their ability to stomach a starchy diet.

    According to new genetic research, domestic dogs’ genomes better equip them to handle starches than wolves. Domestic dogs also show differences from wolves in portions of the genome linked to brain development, perhaps hinting at behavioral changes that occurred as canines became less wild.

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    Yeah me too

    He didn’t say no though


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  15. wtfevolution:

    “So I was thinking.”

    “Great, evolution.”

    “Nobody really needs eyeballs and limbs and all that, right? When you get down to it, all you really need to be alive is an opening for stuff to go in and an opening for stuff to come out.”

    “Well, yeah, I guess so.”

    “I might try making things that way for a few million years. ‘Sea cucumbers’ and the like.”

    “Okay, but it’s not just going to be, like, a tube with a mouth and an anus, is it? That sounds a little crass.”

    “What if I made it pink?”

    “I don’t know…”

    “Oh, and also, it’s going to breathe through the butt end.”