3. Nature. Is. Insane.

    Leopard attacks unsuspecting impala, via HuffPost Green.

  4. mothernaturenetwork:

    Scientists grow bacon from stem cells
    A new technique that turns pig stem cells into strips of meat could offer a green alternative to the slaughterhouse and help end hunger.



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  8. World Said Near Tipping Point For Disastrous Breakdown

    Earth is rapidly headed toward a catastrophic breakdown if humans don’t get their act together, according to an international group of scientists.

    Writing Wednesday (June 6) in the journal Nature, the researchers warn that the world is headed toward a tipping pointmarked by extinctions and unpredictable changes on a scale not seen since the glaciers retreated 12,000 years ago.

    "There is a very high possibility that by the end of the century, the Earth is going to be a very different place," study researcher Anthony Barnosky told LiveScience. Barnosky, a professor of integrative biology from the University of California, Berkeley, joined a group of 17 other scientists to warn that this new planet might not be a pleasant place to live.

    Read the full article here.

  9. Lightning strikes to a rainbow backdrop in Haikou, China (Taken with instagram)

    More here: http://huff.to/JFmZrs

  10. Iceberg, an all white male orca discovered in Russia, is the first of its kind scientists have ever seen. (Taken with instagram)

    More here: http://huff.to/IgKipf