1. "The instrument works. We found carbon compounds on Mars, but where did they come from? Whatever they turn out to be, the press conference today demonstrated how excited all of us carbon-based lifeforms get about news like this."
    — Bill Nye, Science Guy and CEO of the Planetary Society, on today’s Mars Rover announcement.

  2. A team of scientists announced on Monday that the Mars Rover Curiosity had found evidence of organic compounds on the Red Planet.

    Martian soil samples analyzed aboard the rover revealed “water and sulfur and chlorine-containing substances,” the space agency said in press materials.

    Scientists will now have to determine whether the compounds are indigenous to Mars. There is a possibility that the organics could have come to Mars from Earth aboard the rover. There is also a chance that they could be materials that had fallen to Mars from space.



  5. Curiosity stitches together a new selfie.


  6. "As a scientist, it’s always a good feeling to obtain confirming evidence for something you had strongly suspected was true. Curiosity has just taken us there. But it’s an even better feeling to find evidence that conflicts with long-held ideas. Over its usable life, Curiosity will almost surely take us there too."
    Neil deGrasse Tyson reacts to the news that Mars Rover Curiosity discovered evidence of an ancient stream on Mars, in an email to The Huffington Post.
  7. Today, NASA announced the discovery of an ancient stream that once existed on Mars. 

    Learn more, and see images from Mars rover Curiosity’s big find.


  8. JUST IN: Mars Rover Finds Evidence of Water On Mars


  9. Wanna win one of these?

    We’ll be giving these neat Curiosity replicas away to a few lucky #MarsTrivia winners. You can follow the games and play along on Twitter at @HuffPostScience.

    In honor of the recent Mars Curiosity Rover landing, Mat

    tel’s Hot Wheels brand has created a 1:64 scale miniature of the Rover. The die-cast replica, which was created to spark imagination as well as bring further awareness to NASA’s project, will hit stores in September, and be available for $1.09 (average price).
  10. Meet Bobak Ferdowsi, the coolest dude at NASA: http://huff.to/RPyGOb


  11. fangirl hardcore.

    And apparently, the mohawked cutie from mission control has become an internet sensation in an hour and a half. I dig it.



    At 1:33am EST, the Mars rover Curiosity successfully landed and transmitted the first images from the surface of Mars.

    Live updates here


  13. The Countdown Begins: T-13 Hours!

    Are you getting pumped for the Curiosity landing tonight?

    If you plan to celebrate, send us your photos! We’ll be collecting them from viewers all over. You can tweet them to @HuffPostScience (#MarsParty) or upload them to our Facebook page.

    We’ll also be playing Mars rover trivia on Twitter (#MarsTrivia), so tune in during the event to play and win prizes.

    We’ll be liveblogging the event from Professor Thom’s viewing party in NYC, along with our blogger and Mars mission expert, Andrew Kessler. If you’re local to NYC, join us! You can also tweet @HuffPostScience with your rover questions, and we’ll get Andrew to try to answer them for you.