1. Happy Thanksgeeking! Who Turned You Into A Science Lover?

    It’s THANKSGIVING — time to give thanks for good health, family, friends. But how about a shout-out to the people that made you who you are? (And odds are, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a science geek.) So this Thanksgiving, HuffPost Science wants to know: Who do you want to thank for turning you into a scientist/science lover? Maybe it was your 10th grade Biology teacher, or Neil deGrasse Tyson, or your graduate school research mentor. Maybe it’s your Mom or your Dad, or maybe that Richard Dawkins book you read.

    Tell us, what would you say to your science mentor/inspiration this Thanksgiving? Send us your ‘thank you note’ and we’ll feature them on The Huffington Post. You can send us a photo, a short blurb, or a video. And you have all these options for submitting, so get creative.

    -Email us at Thanksgeeking@huffingtonpost.com

    -Tweet us with hashtag #Thanksgeeking

    -Post on our Facebook wall

    -Instagram a photo with hashtag #Thanksgeeking

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    I’ll do the official thing later, but I just want to give a tumblr shout out to my high school science teachers - AP...
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