1. "Science: It’s A Girl Thing!"

    This video featuring women playing in the lab with lipstick and heels has gone viral in a matter of hours, receiving enormous backlash from the science community.

    Look to Twitter using hashtags #realwomenofscience and #sciencegirlthing to see the drama unfold.

    And in case you wanted some better examples of what a scientist really looks like, our good friend Allie Wilkinson started this amazing Tumblr.

    Oh, and this is a pretty good example of what women in science look like, too.

    Do you think the video is sexist? Tweet us your thoughts @HuffPostScience. We’re collecting user reactions for a slideshow, and yours may be featured.

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    If my physicist mother, my organic chemist step mother, AND my physicist father have taught me anything, it’s how...
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    Along with the sexist OVERTONES, unclear message (is “Science” the name of a new brand of make up or something), THIS...
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    the #realwomenofscience one is great
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    I’m not so much interested in punching anyway as I am keeping anyone who thinks that this video isn’t stupid as far away...
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    I don’t think I’ve ever so badly wanted to punch someone… HAAAAHAHAHAH /strangles a bitch
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    What the fucking fuck did I just watch.
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